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  • 2004
    Put up billboard for Remy Martin in Seoul on the occasion of launching its new product
  • 2003
    Put up billboard for HMC(Hyundai Motor Company) at Rome airport to promote HMC’s sponsorship of 2006 Worldcup.
  • 2002


  • IPR Forum put up billboard to advertise Korean Ginseng and Kimchi in Hong Kong.
        The unipole is front illuminated and located at the entrance/exit of HK approach of
        the Western Harbour Tunnel. And six overbridges runs beside the site. Business     travelers including general consumers mainly see the billboard when going from/to
        HK international airport to/from business district of HK Island. (HK : Hong Kong)
  • IPR Forum put up two billboards in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, for LG Electronics
        Inc and the other for SK Telecom Co., Ltd. The SK Telecom billboard stood on the
        bank of the Saigon River that passes through the City from north to south. The LG
        billboard was installed at the Ben Thanh Market the biggest wholesale and retail
        shopping mall located in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City.
  • 1995 ~ 1984



  • Put up billboard for KOBID (korea Committee for 2002 Worldcup) at Heathrow     (London),Charles De Gaulles(Paris),Arlanda(Stockholm), Fornebu(Oslo)
        and King Khaled(Riyadh) airportPut up billboard for KOBID (Korea Committee for
        2002 Worldcup) at Heathrow (London), Charles De Gaulles (Paris), Arlanda
        (Stockholm), Fornebu (Oslo) and King Khaled(Riyadh) airport.
  • Started baggage trolley advertising at major international airports.
  • Contracted with Hyundai, Samsung, LG and the Korea National Tourism
        Corporation for international airport advertising
  • 1986 Put up billboards for SLOOC (Seoul Olympic Organization Committee) at
        Moscow, Warsaw, Budapest, Sophia. Those billboards are the Korean advertisers'
        first billboards in eastern European communist countries.
  • Singed contracts with Hyundai, Samsung and LG(Goldstar) for international airport
        advertising. Contracted with the Korea National Tourism Corporation.
  • Put up billboards at JFK (NY), Heathrow, Charles de Gaulle, Kai Tak (Hong Kong),
        Changi (Singapore), etc.
  • Commenced International airport advertising.
  • Location : Remy Martin in Seoul (2004)
    Location : HMC(Hyundai Motor Company) at Rome airport (2003)

    Location : Hong Kong (2002)
    Location : Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (2002)