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70 Korean Exhibitors to Attend Singapore Show
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Claire Hwang  (claire@ipr.co.kr)
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70 Korean Exhibitors to Attend Singapore Show

Southeast Asia뭩 largest food show, FHA Singapore 2016, is going to take place in Singapore April 12-15, 2016.

Gyeonggy Small Business Center has made final decision to file application for their group pavilion that will occupy 11 booths.

Other Korean multipliers such as AT Center, Jeonnamdo, Gyeongnamdo, and Chungnamdo will be joining in the significant food fair, booking a total of 70 booths for Korean food exporters.

Ms. Claire Hwang(Claire@ipr.co.kr or 02-551-7096), the head of the promising exhibition team at the Exhibition Division 2, is responsible for handling all formalities for the important food marketing event in Korea.