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Traditional Korean Foodstuffs Allowed to Export to China
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Traditional Korean Foodstuffs Allowed to Export to China

The three traditional Korean food - kimchi, rice and samgaetang(ginseng chicken soup) - will be lifted up from restriction and begin to be exported to China from next year.

The export of such Korean food products to China was allowed at the summit meeting the two heads of South Korea and China had in Seoul on November 1.

China is Korea뭩 largest and nearest export market for Korean food, with 1.37 billion population.

This will help increase IPR business as the company deals with most food shows in China and Korean food missions and business matchings to the second world economy.

IPR has closer tie with the Korea World Institute of Kimchi by having signed the MOU with the organization for the global marketing of Korean kimchi.

It also helped regional Korean governments promote their rice export in Hong Kong during food expos.

What's more, the company dubbed private KOTRA in Korea represents most of the global food show organizers in Korea, enabling to help Korean food exporters explore world market.